Have you heard about our internship program?

It's an awesome opportunity for young students and fresh graduates to get ready for the future of work by learning how to work with intelligent automation technologies.


How it all started

When FWF was founded in 2018, RPA, was a new and hot technology. We have chosen UiPath as the initial technology platform to deliver the first automation solutions. We know that RPA is here to stay and that the industry has a tremendous growth potential but more than that we are aware that to provide services at high level of quality we will need many experts hence the internship program was born.       

Patricia is the best example of the opportunities provided by attending this internship program. She graduated the initial series of the program, joined FWF as Junior RPA dev, grew to full RPA Dev and now she leads the program.


Why do we do it?

We believe that the cornerstone of the progress in a society is Education. As we live in fast-paced times acquiring new, relevant skills is crucial therefore to give students the opportunity to learn and gain experience in a real work environment is a moral duty that goes beyond any economic benefits, and we see it as something we owe the community. 

The internship program mission has been since the beginning to equip the future workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with new automation technologies. We offer a six-week paid program where interns learn from experienced developers and have the chance to work on real-life automation projects.

We limit the program to 11 interns per intake to ensure that we can give each person individual attention and guidance. We also adjust our schedule to fit the interns' availability, especially since most of them are still students.


Why should you do it?

At FWF, we value knowledge and hard work at every age and stage of development, and that's why we pay our interns a competitive salary. We're also tech agnostic, so we developed the internship program to cover the most relevant automation technologies.

The best part of our program is that it offers an opportunity to get hired right after completion. An average of 60% of our interns passed the final exams and become our colleagues as full-time Junior RPA Devs.

If you're looking for a rewarding internship experience that will prepare you for the future of work, then FWF's program is the perfect fit for you. Apply today and join us in shaping the future of automation technology!

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our interns:


  • Patricia
    “More than 1 year and a half ago I was offered the chance, through the paving project, to participate in the internship program within Future WorkForce. During this period, I learned from young and experienced people things as diverse as possible in terms of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), being a concept new to me. Thanks to the internship program mentors and the work opportunity, following this program I continued the collaboration with FWF. Being an almost new field, RPA offers a wide range of tools and possibilities to grow and develop quickly, both in terms of hard skills and soft skills.”
  • Andrei
    “I was part of the first internship program and now I am a full-time junior developer. I chose FWF because its reputation precedes the company. It is a continuous learning environment that opens the way to a successful career, with the support of a team with extensive knowledge. Being an intern at and working with the team gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and to self-improve.”
  • Vanessa
    “During this internship I found a professional and pleasant work environment at the same time. During this period, I gained knowledge of RPA, a relatively new field for me. With the help of the FWF team, I was able to improve my knowledge on a technical and professional level, but also personally. I am glad to be part of a team that promotes performance, teamwork, and positive attitude.”

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