Delivering cost savings, improved efficiencies and fraud detection.

Fraud Prevention Automation for a Global Payments Provider

Fraud detection accuracy improvement
Annual operating savings
Reduction in manual case reviews


A leading Global Payments Provider was facing escalating challenges in managing fraud risk due to the growing sophistication of fraudulent activities and the volume of transactions needing review. Relying heavily on manual processes and disparate systems, the company was experiencing increased operational costs, higher false positive rates, and slower response times to fraud incidents.

The necessity to scale their fraud prevention capabilities without proportional increases in costs or headcount became critical.


FWF was engaged to implement a comprehensive automation solution tailored to enhance the client’s fraud prevention measures. A multi-phased approach was adopted, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition: Leveraging AI and machine learning to process transaction data, recognize patterns, and identify anomalies indicative of fraud.
  • Automated Learning Algorithms: Implementing machine learning algorithms capable of learning from historical data to improve accuracy and adapt to new fraud patterns, significantly reducing false positives.
  • Streamlining Case Management: Automating routine tasks such as data collection, documentation, and reporting to enhance efficiency and allow analysts to concentrate on complex investigations.

A team of experts specialized in fraud prevention automation was deployed to deliver the following services

  • Discovery: Identification, assessment, and preparation of high-impact fraud prevention processes for automation.
  • Delivery: Design, development, testing, and deployment of automated systems to operate continuously, enhancing fraud detection and response capabilities.
  • Automation-as-a-Service: Offering scalable automation capabilities on-demand, with optimized scheduling and governance frameworks.
  • Support and Maintenance: Ensuring uninterrupted operation of automated systems through comprehensive management and maintenance services.


The deployment of fraud prevention automation solutions delivered significant value to the Global Payments Provider, including $£700,000 in annual operational cost savings and a 36% improvement in fraud detection accuracy. The automation also led to a 52% reduction in the volume of cases requiring manual review, streamlining the fraud management process and enabling the company to focus resources more effectively on high-risk and complex fraud investigations.