How would you like to link all your Microsoft Apps so you can have a simpler life at work? Because all is possible with Microsoft Power Automate.

Our partnership with Microsoft Power Automate helps us deliver intelligent automation solutions for building time-saving workflows, streamlining employees' experiences at work.

Automation is power 

Microsoft Power Automate is a better way to get things done within your company. It allows you to integrate and synchronize all data and applications, boosting productivity and business efficiency. Some of the features of Power Automate are to send reminders about various tasks, move data between systems, support data from any API and, many more.

To use Microsoft Power Automate is simple due to its intuitiveness. It is a perfect choice for those users with very little or no programming knowledge at all.

How is Microsoft Power Automate helping your business?

Investing in new tools and technologies is not always easy for companies. Choosing the right instrument to help to reach the expected results is a tiring and stressful process. To help you in your decision, here is how Power Automate can help your business:

  • Streamline daily tasks
  • Improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce errors
  • Save time with decision making
  • Is accessible anywhere
  • Can automate tasks across business systems

Another advantage of MPA is the total integration with other Microsoft or third-party applications. To do that, almost 300 connectors (Sharepoint, Outlook, Mailchimp, GitHub, Dropbox, YouTube, WordPress) are already predefined and, the list is still growing.

To easier understand how connectors work, we will further explain three terms:


The triggers are the ones who start the workflow. They could be a sent message, an email, or a video uploaded to your YouTube channel. Each connector can have at least one trigger.


Once the process is underway, it is time to decide what actions we should take. Upload a file to OneDrive and start an approval process. When we receive an email from a particular person, each flow has one or more actions.


The third element is when we want two applications to be connected. This tool will ask you for credentials from each application. These credentials are protected by Microsoft security and can be easily deleted if we need to.

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