Operations Automation

The recurring operations that an organization performs to support its core functions and needs are called Operations processes. In business, those functions are usually revenue-generating activities.

In this case, Intelligent Automation is the leading solution. IA allows you to reduce operating costs and improve operational quality, contributing to a more positive customer and employee experience, and also helping to underpin profitability.


Keeping the standards high

Operations automation contains all the necessary steps to complete an operation process, removing any manual work.

Each recurrent business operation is a unique process, some more defined than others. Some actions are performed in specific systems that assist operations teams with tracking, execution and reporting - such as ERP or CRM systems.

There are a lot of processes that automation can change or improve. We will mention a few classic examples:

  • Creation, labelling, submission of documents
  • Handovers of work or tasks between teams
  • Notifications, follow-ups, and instructions for work or tasks
  • Approval requests
  • Data references to and between disconnected systems

As for the results, digitizing information-intensive processes can cut costs by up to 90%, improving turnaround times by several orders of magnitude, McKinsey says. 

Moreover, replacing paper with software robots allows businesses to collect data and then, use it to understand the process performance, cost drivers, and risk factors. Managers can address issues before they become serious using dashboards and real-time reports on digital-process performance.


Automation favors the brave

Automating computer operations can be very simple and yield extensive benefits if you have the right tools, helping you develop support for your operations automation project.

Cut the costs

Automation saves money by making your employees involved and focused on high-value tasks and also reduces costly mistakes.

Be more productive

A human can only do so much in a definite time. Automation dramatically reduces processing times through multithreading and computational power.

Be error-free

The thing with mistakes is that everybody makes them. But not computers. Automating processes ensures that vital tasks are done with efficiency, quick, and without errors.


Businesses will benefit considerably from the increased availability of data. Automating your backup and recovery systems can help protect against disk loss, accidental damage to system objects, or human error.

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