Process mining

Digitally X-ray your processes to find inefficiencies and reveal opportunities for improvement and automation.

Understanding how to efficiently run your processes today relies on having data-driven insights to make meaningful change and be confident in what impact that change is going to bring.

Data-driven insights are today’s most important catalyst for improving process efficiency. Knowing your processes will not only allow you to make meaningful change, but it will also bring proof of value and confidence in the financial and organizational impact that change can make on your operations.

Our intelligent process mining and task mining technologies analyze the data residing in your systems and automatically create digital maps with all the process steps and their relevant insights, uncovering root causes for delays, and improvement opportunities and delivering a rapid Return on Investment.



Why is process mining important? 

Process mining allows businesses to reduce operating costs by quantifying inefficiencies. Bottlenecks will be reduced to improve process efficiency. Process mining can also help drive innovation, quality, and customer retention.

Where is process mining used?



Process mining determines the right resources for each product, allowing managers to transform their business processes. They can analyze production times and allocate resources such as storage space or workers accordingly.


Financial institutions use process mining software to improve their inter-organizational processes and audit accounts. They also increase their income and expand their customer base.

Public works

Processing mining automates the invoice process involving multiple stakeholders such as cleaning companies, construction companies, and environmental bureaus.

Software Development

Because engineering processes are often disorganized, process mining helps identify documented procedures, helping IT administrators monitor the process and verify that it is working as expected.



Processing mining identifies and evaluates student performance and behavior, including how long a student spends looking at class materials.


Processing mining offers recommendations to reduce the time it takes to treat patients.


It provides insight into buyer behavior and can make recommendations to increase sales.


Benefits of
Process Mining


  • Offers complete visibility of your processes.
  • Finds and corrects inefficiencies, offers a 100% objective, real-time view of your processes using the data from your IT systems.
  • Assess the impact of the gaps in your processes
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Data-driven suggestions
  • Prioritize initiatives and essential tasks and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Can quickly deliver value and is inexpensive.

Helping companies deliver Digital Transformation

Process mining uses advanced analytics techniques to analyze log data from information systems and identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Our data-driven approach creates a digital footprint of end-to-end processes, allowing organizations to be objective when deciding which optimization projects to target. We use process mining as part of our Digital Discovery methodology to lay the foundations for a strategic optimization program.

We use market-leading technologies to discover, validate and improve workflows across all parts of the organization, from Onboarding to Customer Operations to Finance and HR.


Task mining is a desktop application that monitors user activity and gains valuable insights about the tasks they are performing. It provides the ability to rapidly find inefficiencies across lower-level tasks to quickly understand where to focus your optimization efforts.

We use industry-leading task mining tools to uncover patterns of activities across all your team members with granular detail and determine how to improve systems or processes. 

Having a specific goal and current data, you can improve the processes within your organization while effectively partnering and collaborating with stakeholders. Process mining can help you increase productivity, improve compliance, automate business processes, or drive strategic initiatives. 

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