RPA services

RPA services are the best match for companies that need to automate mundane tasks which are rigid, structured, and quite dull to perform. 

Intelligent automation will automate tasks from the simplest - generating an automated email response - to sophisticated ones as deploying tens of thousands of robots, each programmed to automate tasks in peculiar systems or processes.

The best-matched processes for intelligent automation services are those that are prone to human error. They involve handling digital information, are time-consuming, and are rule-based in general. Automating these kinds of processes enables the valuable workforce to drive innovation in key performance areas.

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What we do?


RPA consultancy

The Future Workforce consultant helps you understand and identify the processes that will benefit most from automation. Once productivity and workloads are optimized, we plan the roadmap for automation implementation. Our consultants identify which tools are key to automation the process and presents you with options for automation proofs of concept.


Our consultants will help you map all the manual processes that need automation, identify the intervention models to be applied, design the automation architecture, and develop a customized framework just for your company.

RPA implementation

We provide RPA services using RPA, AI, and Machine Learning for business process automation. Our automation specialists orchestrate workflows and governance, and rollout validation. Finally, we help you scale the business continuity.


Our support team will be there to help you with managing your digital workforce, failure recovery, risk management, and discovery of new intelligent automation opportunities. We can also train your employees to become citizen developers of RPA and AI and keep them updated with the latest tools and techniques.
Hyperautomation Consulting
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Intelligent RPA Solutions Implementation
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AI Solutions
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Process Re-Engineering.
Best Fit for Automation
rpaServices_ automationCenter
Automation Center of Excellence Support & Training for RPA up-skilling
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License Optimization Services, Automation as a service and License reselling
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Software Development

We help companies across Europe to scale and implement intelligent automation to improve positive business outcomes. We enable our clients to reach the efficiency and productivity they want in the shortest amount of time. We can do this with the help of our committed automation experts and through our well-established technology partnerships.

Do you know the steps
for a successful RPA implementation?

Step 1


Discovering the most suitable processes for automation within your company is a team and communication process. You need to talk with your teams and understand which are the relevant processes to be automated first. 

As intelligent automation services providers, we can help with your discovery and establish the automation pipeline based on your business objectives.

We analyze the processes to be automated by applying several criteria such as:

  • the number of employees involved in the process
  • the number of hours spent every day by each employee to finish the task
  • the average pay/hour, etc.

While building the automation strategy for your company, we seek to understand how the company processes are connected to the employees and customers. We thoroughly analyze the workflow and the workload, and we determine the benefits to be reached by automating the process. 

Step 2

The foundation

A strong foundation of well-thought automated processes created from the very beginning will uphold the digital transformation for a very long time. A strong foundation means having a secure environment where digital workers are executed and access to systems configured.


Our RPA services will allow taking the robot out of the human, by simply giving the robots the stale tasks. Our experience and various studies showed that the average handling time is reduced by up to 40% when RPA bots are in play.

RPA can deliver ROI within the first 12 months of usage. What to consider when calculation ROI?

  • Men-hours saved
  • Quality improvement
  • Error reduction
  • Productivity
  • Improve business response
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand awareness

Step 3


Now is the time for us to build your automation. What do we do at this step?

  • Install the necessary software on servers and employee’s devices.
  • Define the end goal of the automation process and define the customer experience. We will also specify the training needs.
  • Design in detail the software robots to be used.
  • Create functions and subfunctions.
  • Delegate the responsibility to monitor the robots and handle any errors that occur 
  • Build the robot.

Step 4

The results

Just sit back and enjoy the show!

Of course, if you love your new automation, there is always the possibility to scale it. And of course, we are here to help you do exactly that!

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The tools we use

To provide the best possible RPA services, we use different tools that are enterprise-ready. RPA, Process Mining, Machine Learning, and AI are the technologies that make the most efficient trio for process automation.

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