HR automation

HR automation is a fantastic way to enhance the data management capabilities of the HR department. In HR automation, bots help automate rule-based, highly transactional processes from the HR department to eliminate any human intervention.

How can automation help?

HR automation primarily works by having a software robot execute high-volume, repetitive operational tasks while helping the HR teams. The most repetitive tasks as onboarding for new hires, benefits enrollment, processing payroll, or compliance reporting will no longer be fulfilled by repetitive and manual labour. Apart from increased accuracy and speed of information processing, R=Intelligent Automatuion is essential in bringing down HR-related expenses.

According to a report from Deloitte, nearly half of the executives of top HR companies from around the world agree that implementing HR automation results in 10-20% savings for the company as a whole, not only for the HR departments.

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What kind of processes can be automated?

The HR department is responsible for a plethora of tasks in the hire-to-retire (H2R) process - many of which are repetitive, time-consuming, and still dependent on manual-driven processes to help employees get work done. The fantastic news is that help is on the way!

Today, the high-performing HR departments are turning to technology. Automation can handle mundane, repetitive tasks and interacts with almost any existing system and application at a user layer. Even complex scenarios and processes can be subject to automation in a controlled and precise way.


Offer letters

Offer letters must comply with many sets of regulations and must be adjusted for each selected candidate. The regulations are stored in databases through various systems, and cross-checking is time-consuming and error-prone. The software robots will gather all the required information, will create the offer and send it. They might even monitor if, how, and when the documents return.


Onboarding new hires

Every time a new person gets hired, coordinated data from different procedures must synchronize to create a user account, email address, access rights, and many more. IA streamlines the onboarding workflow making rule-guided decisions from assigning credentials to a new employee to sending onboarding documents and facilitating the immediate integration of the new employee into the work environment.


Payroll management

Payroll is the perfect example of a monotonous and repetitive task of great importance in any organization. It involves handling large amounts of data entries, and the risk of errors is enormous. The automation of this process reduces risk to 0, considerably decreasing the payment processing time.


Travel and expenses management

The manual processing might lead to late cost admissions, lost receipts, and uncertain expense justifications. These are the issues that negatively affect financial compliance and employees' satisfaction. HR automation can make the process much more efficient by smoothly assessing personal expenses against business regulations and external cost norms.


Resumes screening and candidate shortlisting

HR teams spend a lot of time going through many resumes and application forms received for open positions. Software robots can quickly collect all of the documents and compare the data with the position requirements.

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Key benefits of HR automation


  • Reclaim 40% of your HR department time
  • Error rate reduces to 0
  • Cost-effective
  • Consistency – tasks are carried out uniformly
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Improves productivity
  • Scalability

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