Logistics automation

Logistics. Such a broad term. It includes the overall process of resource management. Starting from the moment of acquisition, storage, transportation, ending to the moment of reaching the final destination. It sounds like a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be. Logistics automation is the answer to better logistics management.

Logistics automation lets you control the processes like data entry, document reading, ordering the goods in the system, and many more, to improve operational efficiency.


Logistics automation at its best

Automation works alongside employees in an office or a warehouse. It means that companies that implement Intelligent Automation are reassigning humans to do tasks that involve creativity and talent.  

Logistics automation can save your company when confronted with a labor shortage, too many documents to process, or increasing demands from retailers. Software robots can take over many of these tasks and deliver faster and better results.

Is logistics automation what you need?

What kind of processes can be automated?

There are a lot of processes worth being automated within the logistics industry. Automating small, rule-based, repetitive tasks allows employees to focus on high-level activities. Moreover, the software robots work 24 hours/day, every day of the week; they don’t need vacation or breaks.


E-mail parsing and processingno matter how many e-mails with documents you receive daily - customs inquiries, vendors PDFs, orders- our software robots will process them accordingly.

Keeping your customers up to datebesides reading e-mails, the robots can reply on your behalf, sending updates to your clients and partners.

Inventoryinventorying the goods from a warehouse can be a pretty tiring job. What if a robot can do that for you?

Monitoring the shipmentpickup, shipment progress, shipment status, or shipping procedures involves many manual and time-consuming tasks. We can design our robots to take care of all the steps of the shipping process.

Invoicingour software robots will extract data from a large pool of documents, use it to create invoices, and send them to the proper recipients.

Processing purchase ordersbecause you want to avoid any mistakes, our robots can create a more accurate, manageable, error-free purchasing process.

Ready to automate?

Key benefits of logistics automation

  • Reducing costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Better process organization
  • Higher speed and higher productivity
  • Scalability

Is logistics automation for you?

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