The story

Future WorkForce is a European Intelligent Automation company, specialized in helping organizations liberate human potential using IA tools. Our company was founded in 2017, and since then, we have deployed over 250 software robots for various industries – Insurance, Banking, Retail, Telecom, etc.

Our robots are working non-stop in many countries all over the world: Germany, Austria, UK, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Hungary, and Saudi Arabia.



We build smart software robots using intelligent automation tools like RPA, Machine Learning, and AI to liberate the humans involved in most business processes. With an integrated approach, we can provide our customers with robust automation solutions. 

Future WorkForce strongly believes that intelligent technologies like RPA, Machine Learning, AI, or Process Mining will make the world a better, more creative place. The work should always be creative and inspiring.



Our mission is to design fast and scalable intelligent automation solutions for companies that want to attain their true potential.



makes us leaders
in Intelligent Automation implementation?


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The expertise

We are the best at listening to your needs and helping you out in designing intelligent automation solutions for your business. Any one of our over 250 software robots already deployed created more time for companies to focus on business growth and generate more value.

Our team of automation specialists have the competencies to develop your perfect software robot, combining RPA tools with other cognitive technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, NLP, or Computer Vision.

We are also successful in developing and implementing robots using different technological platforms – Druid, Cognigy, or Custom Developed.
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The experience

Since the launch of Future WorkForce in 2017, we gained experience and expertise in working with intelligent automation tools to develop solutions that save time, money and are ready to be implemented for any business.

We are always keeping an eye out for the latest trends and technologies, constantly learning to improve the services we offer.
customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

So far, we have worked with over 40+ clients who believed in our ability to deliver the best automation solutions for their business.

In these first three years following the launch of the Future WorkForce company, the robots we deployed saved over 350,000 hours of work and generated over 2,5 million euros ROI.

Our company grew extensively in the last couple of years. The quality of our intelligent automation services is assessed with a Customer Satisfaction Score of 92.25.

Where are we?

We provide our intelligent automation services from our offices located in Bucharest, 
Cluj-Napoca and London

In 2020, we also started a partnership with one of the biggest software development companies in Romania, AROBS Transilvania Software, a partnership that helped us establish a new delivery center located in Breda, The Netherlands.

Future WorkForce & UiPath

Future WorkForce is a UiPath System Integrator and trusted GOLD partner since 2017.

All our resources are UiPath Certified, and we can proudly say we were among the first UiPath Partners in the world that achieved the highest accreditation, UiPath Certified Professional Services. It is a recognition of our team members’ technical level and our experience in this industry. 

Our company holds ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification since 2019.

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The Future Work Force proclamation

Make work easier

We strongly believe that humans are capable of great things. Why keep them focused on basic, repetitive, time-consuming tasks? Let the robots do the mundane work and let humans find their creativity and ideas that move the world go forward.


No one can do great things alone. Teamwork always births idea from which we all benefit. By working together, the development teams will find fresh ways to solve the problems.

Think about the future

Having the word “future” embedded in our company’s name is not a coincidence. Building a happier and better tomorrow is in our DNA. Every step we take, every software we make, we think about the future.

Stay positive

We love what we do. The foundation of our company is based on passionate automation professionals who work tirelessly to develop the very best intelligent automation solutions for our clients. They do it with a smile on their faces and a lot of excitement in their hearts.

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