Reducing operating costs and improving customer experiences.

A Multi-Lingual Customer Service Chatbot for a Global Payments Company

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A Global Payments Company which supports a collection of international customers through their customer service centre of 25 multi-lingual agents, and a supplementary online FAQ page, needed data-driven insights to support their operational efficiencies.

They were facing increasing volumes and high demand during peak periods that manual operations couldn’t keep up, especially when maintaining a sufficient international language coverage for their wide customer base. They were also suffering from high operational costs, and needed a way to streamline their services without compromising on quality or scale.


FWF performed an Enterprise Discovery, identifying opportunities to deflect inbound calls to the appropriate destination and helping improve the customer experience. In this process, the team was tasked to:

  • Create a multi-lingual customer facing chatbot that can provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and handle refund status queries in the user’s native language.
  • Develop a Microsoft-based solution consisting of a Power Virtual Agent supported by Power Automate and Azure AI Language Services.
  • Design and implementation through 4 sprints over an 8-week period.


The solution from FWF offers 24/7 coverage, with a projected ROI of 396%. From here, the development roadmap will continue, including:

  • Incorporating a Large Language Model (LLM) to provide personalised guidance based on the customer’s specific situation.
  • Salesforce integration to automate support ticket creation and seamless transfer to an appropriate contact centre agent.
  • Reusing the FAQ chatbot within the mobile applications.
  • Extension to cover the full range of customer service queries.