Upcoming trends for AI and technology that are pioneering growth for businesses.

Seven Key Tech Trends for 2024

The rise of LLMs, the use of AI in the workforce, and new low-code platforms are all milestones that are revolutionising the way we work. Get a head start on adopting these major upcoming technologies by understanding the pitfalls and potential solutions with our insights and research on seven emerging trends that’ll shake up the market.

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Tech trends FAQs

Our report answers some of the big questions businesses often have regarding how AI and emerging technologies will impact their operations, including:

  • What are the biggest new technologies I need to be aware of?
  • How can I integrate the latest tech with my business?
  • When are these emerging technologies expected to arrive?
  • Why is it important to be an early adopter for tech trends?
  • Where will see the biggest impact from AI technologies?
  • Who is leading the market change, and where can I go for support?

Big Data

Since the dawn of the internet, information has been more plentiful than we’ve known what to do with – new technologies might be the key to unlocking this resource’s potential.

The Rise of LLMs

Data is only useful when you have a model to use it with. Large language models (LLMs) are the latest in massive data management, training generative AI by using enormous datasets. When AI trains AI, you put the wheels in motion for a rapid period of growth and change.

The Great Data Detox

With a large amount of data comes a greater need to verify it. AI hallucinations and factual inaccuracies are just a few symptoms of a dataset in need of a detox. Finding the cause of these errors and pulling it out by the root is the way forward for our use of information.


Building a world that revolves around you. Advancements in data management and predictive AI technologies mean creating a profile for your users is easier than ever, and soon every mode of communication will be tinted by a personal touch. The challenge is how to keep customer data safe, and ensuring AI remains accurate and ethical.

Next-Gen AI

Upgrading the workforce with streamlined support and rapid-response insights brought from the next generation of intelligent automation and generative AI.

The Email Revolution

Increasing demand for personalised communication means that email marketing has had to perform backflips just to keep up. The email revolution applies generative AI to the process, cutting out the tedium. Now, it’s on us to find ways of using GenAI in an ethical way to refine our ideas without damaging the trust of consumers.

AI Co-Bots

The future of the workplace isn’t one run by AI – it’s a collaborative environment where humans and AI work together to achieve a synergistic result. Co-bots are the missing puzzle piece for industrial processes, supporting human operators to increase safety and productivity.

Low or No Code

High tech results with low tech requirements are the way of the future. Cutting down on the technical processes required to develop and use software means a more accessible way to improve business performance and customer experiences.

Software 2.0

Creating an intuitive coding experience that can involve input from all stakeholders, no matter their training in programming, has been a pipe dream. With new developments in software that will only continue to grow, our business practices regarding code will change from expensive and impractical to simple and effective.

AI Democratised

Open-source AI like ChatGPT has been a market force for some time, but finding AI to fit your specific needs can be a challenge. Democratised AI means AI becoming easily accessible for anyone, enhancing business practices and levelling the playing field while offering improvements to end-user interactions.

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Eric Hook

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