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    Future WorkForce Wins AI Journal Global Excellence Award for Best Small Business in AI

    Future WorkForce (FWF), a leading automation consulting company with a global presence, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious AI Journal Global Excellence Award for Best Small Business.

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    Seven Key Tech Trends for 2024

    Upcoming trends for AI and technology that are pioneering growth for businesses.

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    How Chatbots are Transforming Customer Service

    Explore the role of chatbots in customer service, their impact on the user experience, and their benefits for the industries that best utilise them.

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    The Complete Guide to AI in Logistics and Supply Chains

    With so many steps and transactions involved in the supply chain, creating a smooth journey for logistics can be a struggle – without access to the right tools, that is.

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    The Role of AI in Banking and Financial Compliance

    Discover the role of AI in ensuring compliancy and providing operational benefits like increased efficiency to businesses in the banking and finance sectors.

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    Leveraging Low Code Platforms for Retail and Inventory Management

    Improve the operational efficiency and inventory management of your retail business with minimal investment by utilising the power of low code innovations.

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    Future WorkForce joins AROBS Transilvania to lead the way in intelligent automation

    Future WorkForce is pleased to announce that is now part of by AROBS Transilvania Software Group the largest technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, in a deal that further strengthens both companies’ position in the intelligent automation market.

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    Driving Intelligent Automation: Future Workforce and FastPath Join Forces

    We are proud to make an important step in our intelligent automation journey as we join forces with FastPath Automation that will now operate under the Future WorkForce brand, cementing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge automation solutions.

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    FWF, part of AROBS Group, is proudly sponsoring UiPath Forward VI – Las Vegas 9-12 oct 2023

    We're excited to announce that we will take part this October in the UiPath Forward VI event.