Chartered Accountants and FWF Partner to Deliver Automation solutions to Speed Up Exemption Granting Processes.

Future Workforce (FWF), the automation services company, confirmed today it has been working with Chartered Accountants Ireland to support the rollout of RPA solutions across the Institute. The Chartered Accountants Ireland Institute is a membership body representing over 32,000 members throughout the globe. FWF used the UiPath automation platform to digitise and automate various business processes to improve efficiency and elevate member experiences.

Automation has already been deployed on the Student Exemptions Process to enhance efficiency, reduce processing and response time, and supports the admissions team during their busy season so as high standards of service can continue to be delivered despite high volumes. The innovative project was delivered to manage the lifecycle of a student’s application, from the initial application through the institute’s website to the final admission and registration decision and course exemption notifications. The solution uses UiPath Document Understanding: a machine learning based algorithm which extracts data from thousands of unstructured documents from various sources, before making the final admission decision and updating these decisions in the institute’s CRM system.

FWF have also recently supported Chartered Accountants with a plan for the future. The consulting team at FWF completed an enterprise discovery to identify almost 20 additional opportunities for automation in less than 3 weeks.

Ian Browne, Director of Education at Chartered Accountants Ireland, says, “We are a member organisation that values innovation, and we constantly seek to use the latest technology to provide the best possible experience to our members. This partnership with FWF and the automation projects delivered thus far have had an enormous impact on the speed and efficiency of our processes. We are excited about our partnership with FWF and the opportunities we have for further automation of key processes.”

Alex Paramor, Client Relationship Director, FWF, comments, “We have deep expertise in delivering advanced automation solutions. This, combined with our global delivery model and status as a UiPath Diamond partner, were key to Chartered Accountants Ireland’s decision to work with us. We’re looking forward to helping the Institute identify and deliver improvements in staff efficiency and enhance member experience while improving agility across the company.

This partnership showcases a proactive approach towards embracing technology and automation to refine and expedite educational assessment processes, setting a benchmark for innovation in professional education.

Ian and the team at CAI have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing our partnership and driving efficiencies during a very exciting time for the Institute.”