Driving Intelligent Automation: Future Workforce and FastPath Join Forces

We are proud to make an important step in our intelligent automation journey as we join forces with FastPath Automation that will now operate under the Future WorkForce brand, cementing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge automation solutions.

This union follows the recent acquisition of Future WorkForce Global by the AROBS Group, further igniting the synergies between our teams. Bringing FastPath Automation under the Future WorkForce brand allows us to capitalize on our common visions, goals and expertise, which will enable us to provide unrivaled solutions to our clients.

Under the Future WorkForce brand, our Intelligent Automation team now boasts over 100 experts across multiple locations: UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Romania. We remain dedicated to harnessing the immense power of intelligent automation tools such as UiPath, Microsoft, Celonis, and Outsystems, as well as cutting-edge AI and ML technologies. Our primary objective remains the same: to provide our customers with exceptional automation solutions, empowering their businesses to unlock their full potential.

With the integration of FastPath Automation under the Future WorkForce brand, the AROBS Group will accelerate its expansion into international markets, with a particular focus on the UK and Germany. Simultaneously, we will consolidate our presence in the Netherlands and Belgium, fostering growth and success.

If you seek a partner who comprehends your business needs and possesses the capabilities to drive fundamental transformation through Intelligent Automation, look no further than Future WorkForce.

Together, let’s create a future filled with boundless possibilities and transformative innovations.