Transforming operational dynamics through tailored automation programmes

Improving the efficiency & accuracy of key business processes for a leading Laboratory Services company

Cost saving
Reduction in turnaround time
Reduction in admin time


A leading Laboratory Services company based in the Benelux region faced significant operational challenges. There was an urgent need to improve the efficiency and accuracy of key business processes across their European operations. As they expanded, maintaining cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality became increasingly crucial.

Having a Center of Excellence (CoE) in the US, the main hurdle was establishing a federated CoE in Europe to spearhead automation initiatives, thereby addressing the both the challenge of reducing operational costs while improving quality.


To tackle this challenge, FWF was enlisted for their expertise in automation delivery and in supporting the development of a federated CoE. Our strategy began with a thorough assessment of the Automation Funnel and the existing process maturity levels, leading to the creation of a tailored automation program.

This program encompassed consulting, project management, business analysis, and development, while also upskilling of the client’s staff. Through intensive training, code review, and a gradual transition plan, we ensured a smooth handover of responsibilities from our team to the client’s newly trained employees.


The collaborative effort resulted in a significant transformation in the company’s operational dynamics. The introduction of a lean, efficient workflow and the rapid deployment of automation and AI projects—averaging three weeks from initiation to production—marked a substantial reduction in operational costs.

Most notably, the initiative saved tens of thousands of hours across European sites, thereby freeing up valuable human resources to focus on higher-value tasks. This strategic automation not only streamlined processes but also bolstered the company’s commitment to delivering superior quality services at a reduced cost, setting a new benchmark in operational excellence.